TALK: Inter Terminal Communications Program, Version: August 1973

Author: Gregory Crim, Wabash College Computer Center, Crawfordsville, IN

Operating System: RSTS V4A-12

Memory Required: 7K

Abstract: TALK is a program which allows rapid and direct communication between terminals. It is meant to be used by anyone on the system, although its functions are more powerful if the user is running under a privileged account. Its purpose is to extend the use of the broadcast option, in limited fashion, to all users; it contains special routines which check on the state of the terminal to receive, and will prevent a non-privileged user from sending to a "busy" terminal. Note: Should he saved under the system library, and protected to 168.

Media Price Codes: D2, G7, H30, M50

FilenameSize (kbytes)
TALK. 7.0

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