Dartmouth Statistics Program, Version: April 1974

Author: Al Higgins, Northfield-Mt. Hermon School, Northfield, MA

Submitted by: Mary L. Cole, Digital Equipment Corporation Maynard, MA

Operating System: RSTS V4A or RSTS/E

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, Memory Required: Less than 8K

Abstract: This is a package of 39 programs developed and in use at Dartmouth College. The programs have been converted from the PDP-10 to RSTS-11 BASIC. The programs are quite self explanatory and are useful by themselves or as routines for inclusion in larger BASIC programs. Documentation for each program includes the program listing and then a run of the program. An explanation of the algorithm or theory behind the program can usually be found in comments at the very beginning of each program.

Media Price Codes: D7, H30, M50

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