TAPFOR.MAC, Version: June 1974

Author: Paul Koning and Mark Williamson

Submitted by: Michael A. Hall, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI

Operating System: DOS/BATCH V004A or RSTS V4A-12

Source Language: PAL-11 (MACRO) (Does not use monitor), Memory Required: 28K 16-bit words on a PDP-11/20 or 11/35, Special Hardware Required: Console terminal, DECtape drives, Special Hardware Required: Line Printer, Card Reader, at least 3 RK05 disk drives

Abstract: TAPFOR is a program for formatting DECtapes in the standard format for the PDP-11. It was adapted from the standard DEC formatting program, DEC-11-YPTA-PB (8/1/70), so that it can be stored on the RSTS CIL and loaded by the RSTS initializing routines, in the same way as ROLLIN or DSKINT.

Media Price Codes: D2, H30, M50

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