BATCH: Batch Programming for the PDP-11/20 with RSTS-11, Version: June 1974

Author: Albert F. Gettier, Jr., Loyola College, Baltimore, MD

Operating System: RSTS-11 V4

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, Memory Required: 8K

Abstract: BATCH is a program that simulates batch processing for RSTS-11 version 4. The user places all the commands that are to be executed by the computer in a data file using BATCH. When all the commands are in the file, BATCH then "forces" the commands to a terminal as the computer is ready to receive them. Through the use of BATCH, editing of the data file is quick and easy. BATCH also allows for procedures to be defined and has other runtime options and macros. Diagnostics and the date and time that the command is "forced" to the computer are printed on the terminal.

Restrictions: RSTS V4 only; must run under a privileged account.

Media Price Codes: A2, G7, H30, M50

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