PAPTAP, NIAGTAP, LISTAC: Additional Cusps for RSTS-11, Version: August 1975

Author: Mark Arnold, Laramie Senior High School, Laramie, WY

Operating System: RSTS V4A-12

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS

Abstract: Additional CUSPs for RSTS-11 include: PAPTAP, a program to create ASCII paper tapes, block letter headings; MAGTAP, for reading EBCDIC formatted 9-track magtapes; LISTAC for listing all files in an account, by use of the /BR option of PIP, and other utilities.

The source tapes offered are examples of PAPTAP. Listings for all routines are short enough to be entered via keyboard.

Media Price Codes: D2, G7, H30, M50

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