CHSBRD, Version: 1, December 1975

Author: William T. Kane, Digital Equipment Corporation, Westminster, MA

Operating System: RSTS/E

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, Memory Required: 12K

Abstract: CHSBRD is a BASIC-PLUS program that was written on a PDP-11 to run under the RSTS V06A-02 monitor. It was designed to be a "Learning" aid, and to keep local chess tournaments "Fair". T'he program allows capture "Enpassant" and "Castling", but it has other limitations. It will allow a player to move his king into check, it requires a VTO5 or VT05B to play, and it cannot yet "Play" against an opey-ator.nroughout, it uses standard chess notation, and even has a three niinute timeout period which will be made variable in the next release. If selected, it maintains a complete record of play on the system disk which is automatically QUEUED to the Line Printer when the game is finished.

Media Price Codes: A2, G12, H30, M50

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