VBFILE: Variable Record Random Acem File Handler Routines, Version: April 1977

Author: Ralph Lewis and Mark Nichols, California State University at Long Reach, Human Resources Management Dept., School of Business, Long Beach, CA

Operating System: RSTS/E

Source language: BASIC-PLUS, Memory Required: 3K (2K as system minimum)

Abstract: The procedures and functions of VBFILE facilitate the random access of variable length record files. The procedures are fast in terms of computer access times, require little core storage, are economical in terms of file space (no full or null characters are used to pad physical records) and manage the file structure automatically. They are written using BASIC-PLUS record facilitates but do not require the programmer to concern himself with record 10 or the physical characteristics of the file. The procedures are modular. The user can select the modules he needs and these modules can be used in turn by other user written functions to achieve the type of record management system needed. The logical record to be managed is a variable length character string which has an associated physical record index. All details needed to map the physical record index to the logical record and put and extract logical records are handled by three functions.

Restrictions: File string cannot contain a tilde. (~ or CHR 126).

Media Price Codes: D2, G5, H30, M50

FilenameSize (kbytes)
INIT. 0.5
VBREC. 2.5

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