RTMAG: Utility to Read RT-11 Magtapes under RSTS/E, Version: May 1977

Author: Len Slosek, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, MA

Operating System: RSTS/E

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS

Abstract: RTMAG is a program designed to enable the copying of Magtape files in a format compatible with that used by the RT-11 PIP Program. It will read files from a tape which was created by PIP under RT-11 and transfer them in block mode to the RSTS system. Similarly, it will read files from RSTS in block mode and put them on tape. No attempt is made to read the data in the file. The format for the commands is similar to that used by the RSTS PIP although the options are different.

Documentation on Magnetic Media.

Media Price Codes: Al, H30, M50

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