SOS-11, Version: August 1977

Author: William T. Marshall, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, MA

Operating System: RSTS/E V6B

Source Language: BLISS-11, Memory Required: 11K

Abstract: SOS-11 is an easy to use but powerful line oriented editing system, available on the RSTS/E V6B operating system. It supports all the features of the PDP-10 program by the same name, and is operated in an almost identical manner. SOS organizes the file into lines and pages, which can be referenced either by a line/page number or by textual content. Most commands operate on lines as single units, and one command (ALTER) includes a very powerful character oriented editing subsystem. SOS operates on stream ASCII (BASIC+) files and RMS record formatted files, either type with or without sequence numbers.

Media Price Codes: A7, H30, M50

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