GRAPH PACKAGE, Version: September 1977

Author: A. E. Lawrence, Luton College Of Higher Education, Luton, Bedfordshire, U.K.

Operating System: RSTS/E versions 6A & 6B

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, Memory Required: May require 14K

Abstract: GRAPAK is a suite of programs designed for producing graphs on teletypes, line printers and similar devices. It has facilities for processing experimental data (in up to four parameters), carrying out intermediate calculations and least squares fitting if required. In addition, general functions can be plotted alone, combined with other functions (no limit on the number of functions), or combined with experimental data. This package has many applications and may be useful whenever data is to be displayed graphically. It is not designed to drive a graph plotter.

Media Price Codes: D14, G120, K50, M50, Format: Floppy - RT-11; Magtape - DOS-11

FilenameSize (kbytes)
DRAW.B04 2.5
DRAW.B13 3.5
DRAW.R24 9.0
DRAW.S05 4.0
DRAW.S25 5.5
DRAW.T21 10.0
ELLIPS.B09 1.5
ELLIPS.B16 2.5
GRAPH.B27 13.5
GRAPH1.B01 13.5
GRAPH1.B10 13.5
GRAPH1.B26 12.5
GRAPH2.B02 13.5
GRAPH2.B11 14.5
GRAPHA.R22 6.5
GRAPHA.T19 6.5
GRAPHB.R23 28.5
GRAPHB.T20 30.0
GRDOC1.D17 31.0
GRDOC2.D18 23.5
LOOK.B03 1.5
LOOK.B12 4.0
PLANCK.B08 2.0
PLANCK.B14 2.5
RAHL.B07 5.5
ROT.B06 4.5
ROT.B15 6.0

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Tim Shoppa
Last Modified: 11-Feb-2000