SETDEC: DECAL Lesson Wiriter, Version: 2, January 1980

Author: Dr. John S. Abma, Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH

Operating Svstem: RSTS/E V6C, 7.0

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS. Memory Required: 16K for RTS, 9K for program, Other Software Required: DECAL (Available from Digital Equipment Corp.)

Abstract: Most users of DECAL want a simple way to put their test questions or drill material "on the computer". The entry of DECAL commands at every segment is a burden. With SETDEC. the author of CAI enters material only: the program adds all DECAL commands.

Initial dialogue with SETDEC instructs the user and accepts quiz or instructional items. The A,3 keyword answer type is used throughout. The resulting file has CAI extension, and can be edited.

Two types of lessons are available: first, random selection of n items from a population of N items, and second, linear presentation of n instructional items.

Note: The user can interrupt his lesson entry with CTRL/C. and continue later.

Documentation on magnetic media.

Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magtape (MA). or order the following Library packages listed on "Special RSTS Packages" page (Section 2 (2.3)):RSTS11-LIB-2 or RSTS11-DK-7

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