FLASH: Version: 1, September 1979

Author: Adrian E. Lawrence. Luton College of Higher Education, Bedfordshire, U.K.

Operating System: RSTS/E V68 or 6C

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS.

Memory Required: Up to 14K words + (BASIC + RTS) (May require 16K on 4 word MATH package)

Abstract: The positions of fringes are often the principal raw data from interferometers. FLASH is primarily designed to accept and manipulate such data from optical etalons, Fabry-Perot interferometers and Lummer-Gehrche plates.

The program includes facilities for carrying out all the usual calculations and plots for these interferometers, and an "excess fractions" calculation for determining precise interterometer dimensions as well as wavelength values.

Media (Service Charge Code): Listing (BA), Manual (EB), DECtape (HA), 600' Magtape (MA), or order the following Library packages listed on "Special RSTS Packages" page (Section 2 (2.3)):RSTS11-LIB-2 or RSTS 11-DK-7

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