3277 Display Emulator for RSTS/E, Version: 1.0, February 1980

Author: Darrel Mazzari, F.W. Woolworth Company

Submitted by: Peter Schay. Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, MA

Operating Svstem: RSTS/E V7.0

Source Linguage: BASIC-PLUS-2, Memory Required: 248KB minimum system. Special Hardware Required: DUP11. KMC11, VT100 or VT52, Other Software Required: RSTS/E (CTS-500) / 3271 Protocol Emulator, QRD05

Abstract: The RSTS/E 3277 Display Emulator allows a RSTS/E user to access CICS/VS, IMS/VS, and TSO on an IBM System/370 from a Digital video terminal.

The RSTS/E 3277 Display Emulator uses existing VT-100 or VT-52 keys to perform the same tasks as the IBM 3277 program function keys. If the Digital user is using a VT100 with the Advanced Video Option. then the screen will perform reverse video highlighting or protected fields.


The RSTS/E 3277 Display Emulator implements an optional log file which will trace and record all incoming messages from the IBM system.

The RSTS/E 3277 Display Emulator can be temporarily suspended while the Digital terminal user switches back to the RSTS/E monitor. Later, the Digital user can re-enter the IBM application at the same point where it had been suspended.

The file created with any RSTS/E editor can be transmitted to the IBM system as though it were being entered on an IBM 3277 Display Station. The RSTS/E 3277 Display Emulator will operate through DECnet/E with Network Command Terminal Support.

Documentation on magnetic media.

Media (Service Charge Code). DECtape (HA), 600' Magtape (MA). or order the following Library packages listed on "Special RSTS Packages" page (Section 2 (2.3)): RSTS11-LIB-2 or RSTS11-DK-8

FilenameSize (kbytes)
3277DE.B2S 15.0
DE3277.CTL 0.5
DE3277.DOC 1.5

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