CTS-11 Software Driver for RSTS/F, Version: 1.0, May 1980

Author: Digital Equipment Corporation

Operating System: RSTS/E V6B & 6C

Source Language: MACRO-11, Memory Required: See RSTS/E SPD, Special Hardware Required: CTS-11 Card Reader/Punch

Abstract: The CTS-11 Software Driver is the card terminal device driver used to support the CTS-11 Hardware Card Reader and Punch under RSTS/E V06B and V06C. The driver is accessed using BASIC-PLUS READ and WRITE statements and uses the OPEN and CLOSE statements to attach/detach the reader and punch as separate devices. The driver permits the CTS-11 to read and punch cards in ASCII format data and to print ASCII characters on punched cards.

In addition. the user can: