MAGINT: MAGnetic tape INTerchange program, Version: 02A-02, August 1980

Author: Brant Cheikes, Nassau Community College, Garden City. NY

Submitted by: Terry F. O'Dwyer, Ph.D., Nassau Community College. Garden City. NY

Operating System: RSTS/E V7.0

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, Memory Required: variable, Special Hardware Required: "MM" class magnetic tape drive.

Abstract: MAGINT, the MAGnetic tape INTerchange program, is designed to facilitate the interchange of data between computers over a common medium: the magnetic tape. Tapes are read and written in card-image format (usually 80 bytes/record) padded with spaces: this figure is variable, however. ASCII/EBCDIC and other code conversions can be performed as needed. Magtape I/O methods provide flexibility in operation. MAGINT comes with thorough documentation and a User's Guide.

Restrictions: MAGINT uses system functions and language syntax not available in versions previous to RSTS/E V7.0. MAGINT cannot process compiled or object code, only source or text material.

Documentation an magnetic media.

Media (Service Charge Code): DECtape (HA), Magtape (MA), or order the following Library packages listed on "Special RSTS Packages" page (Section 2 (2.3)): RSTS11-LIB-2 or RSTS11-DK-8

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