ACTNAM.BAS, Version: October 1980

Author: Colin J. Miller, Loyalist College of Applied Arts & Technology. Ontario. Canada

Operating System: RSTS/E V6B, 6C, 7.0

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, Special Hardware Required: Preferred listing/running from an LA-36 type terminal, Other Software Required: System Accounting Program "MONEY.BAC"

Abstract: Educational users may obtain a "$MONEY" type of listing for specific accounts distinguished principally by project number, and a dditionally by optional string coding contained in the "SACCT.SYS" file created by "$REACT", or amended by use of EDITOR.

This program would also be of benefit to anyone responsible for recording usage by different groups of accounts on any small RSTS/E system.

Speed and simplicity are enhanced through the use of sequential files.

Room on the system must be available for a couple of temporary files, as well as a dump from the "(1.2)MONEY" program. About 100 blocks is usually sufficient.

Documentation on magnetic media.

Media (Service Charge Code): Listing (BA). ASCII Paper Tape (GB), DECtape (HA). 600' Magtape (MA), or order the following Library packages listed on "Special RSTS Packages" page (Section 2 (2.3)): RSTS11-LIB-2 or RSTS11-DK-8

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