DATING.BAS is a program designed to match people who are stored on two files; the males on MALE.DAT and the females on FEMALE.DAT. These two files are built by DATEIN.BAS. The programs are written in BASIC-PLUS for a RSTS/E operating system. The results of the programs will be explained below.


DATEIN.BAS is the program which builds the MALE.DAT and the FEMALE.DAT files to be used by DATING.BAS. This program asks for responses to the questionaire from a terminal. It will first ask for the number of questions on the questionaire. It will then ask you if you want to enter males, females, or both. An example of a questionaire is included with this documentation. The program will then ask you to 'ENTER THE PERSON'S NAME?'. Then 'ENTER RESPONSE TO QUESTION NO. 1?' (example--12<c>), ect. until you have entered the number of questions you said were going to be on the questionaire (max. 30). The program will then print 'THAT IS ALL THE RESPONSES I NEED FROM (person's name)' 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH' and then ask for the next person's name. To end the program, enter spaces as the person's name.


DATING.BAS is the program which actually does the matching of the people. It can handle up to 100 males and 100 females with up to 30 question answers for each person. It can tell you at what percent each person matches or who is the best match for each person. To do this it will use the MALE.DAT file, the FEMALE.DAT file, and the NOM.DAT file (which is built by the DATING.BAS program) and also a table (AVI%) which is defined in the program. You must tell the program how many questions on the questionaire, where you want the output to be printed, if you want all or just the best match, (if all matches at what percent do you want to print the match), and lastly if you want to compare males to females or vice versa. If you replied that you wanted the best match, the program will print the number of passes it takes to find the best match for each person. The comparison is done by a percentage of answers matched by the two people divided by the number of questions on the questionaire. When the program is finished it will print 'DONE' and then go to a 'Ready' state.

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