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Fewer than 3% of contesters self-spotted in ARRL DX CW 2024

I gathered manual (non-reversebeacon) spots from 9 Telnet cluster nodes around the world over the 48-hour ARRL DX CW 2024, deduped them, and counted self-spots to see how widely self-spotting has been adopted, 14 months after the ARRL allowed self-spotting by all entrants in ARRL contests.

You can find the full article and data at .

Periodic Table of State QSO Parties

Making an effort in the State QSO Party Challenge?

This handy chart you can print and hang on your wall or fridge will help you plan!

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Subway Map of Weekly Contests

Outside the contest weekend, there are weekday contests for CW, Phone, RTTY, and Digital enthusiasts.

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2024 Periodic Table Of Contests

The 2024 Periodic Table Of Contests is available here on the Radiosport.World website.

Once again, I have chosen major contest activities for each weekend. There are two fifth weekends of June and November are shown greyed out, awaiting contest announcements. I anticipate being able to fill these over the coming months and will update the calendar here.

Click on the thumbnail below to download a full-resolution PDF sized for printing. It is formatted for 17 inch by 11 inch Ledger size paper but is certainly readable when printed on 11x8.5 or A4 paper. The table is especially handsome when printed on 17x11 Gloss Cardstock available at better-stocked FedEx Office locations.