CREATE and CREAT1, Version: April 1973

Author: Clark Baker, Project DELTA, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Operating System: RSTS V4A-12

Memory Required: 4K

Abstract: CREATE makes a virtual matrix called $PUNCH.MAT which contains enough information to produce the 96 printing characters in 5 x 7 block letters on punch tape, lineprinter, or Teletype. CREATE only creates the file; the user must write the programs or use FANNY or CREATI (See DECUS No. RSTS-11-2). Providing readable punched paper tapes, CREATI is capable of three possible forniats; sentence structured, (capitalized first word and period) fully capitalized string, or all lowercase alphabet. CREATI will operate with any legal alpha-numeric and space. It will not output control characters, and requires CREATI.INS for instructions, and PUNCH.MAT (created by CREATE) as the data base.

Media Price Codes: D1, G5, H30, M50

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