GERMAN: Adjective Ending Game and Data File Editor, Version: August 1973

Author: Mark Linton, Project DELTA, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Operating System: RSTS V4A

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, Memory Required: 4K

Absract: GERMAN is a test on German adjective endings in certain sentences. The user tells the number of sentences he wants. Then for each sentence, an adjective ending is left out of the sentence which the user most replace with correct ending. If he is correct he will proceed to the next question; if not he will be told the correct answer and why it is correct. There are sixty-eight possible sentences to be asked. These are in a data file and GERMAN gets random ones for the user. GEDIT is a special program for the game, GERMAN, which can change or create the data file used, GERMAN.DAT. The data file used is a virtual array, while the raw data file is not. GEDIT was written to convert the raw data (included in this package) into the virtual array. Also, in the case that there is a mistake of spelling or grammar or new sentences to be entered, this program can perform the necessary changes.

Restrictions: Data file must exist (GERMAN.DAT).

Media Price Codes: D2, G10, H30, M50

FilenameSize (kbytes)
GRDIT. 1.5

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