COMSYS: RSTS-11 Communications System, Version: June 1974

Author: Jeffrey J. Killeen, Assumption College, Worcester, MA

Operating System: RSTS-11 V4A-12

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, Special Hardware Requbed: DL-11B, DC-11 (EIA RS232C Serial Line Interface), Other Software Required: RECORD I/O Option

Abstract: There are two programs in this system. One handles the input from the remote system and displays it on a terminal on site. The other is the control program which takes input from the on-site terminal and sends it to the remote system. The control program also controls the input program and selects the mode of operation. There are two modes of operation. One allows the terminal on site to act as a terminal to the remote system. The second mode allows the user to transfer files from the remote system to a file on-site. While the transfer of a file is taking place the data is displayed on the on-site terminal.

Restrictions; Programs cannot be run under V05-21 RSTS/E.

Media Price Codes: D2, G7, H30, M50

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