XREF: Cross-Referencer for BASIC-PLUS Programs, Version: June 1975

Author: Jeffrey Mogul, 218 Franklin Street, Newton, MA

Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, Memory Required: 6K minimum, Special Hardware Required: RSTS V4A or V04B

Abstract: XREF will generate a cross-referencing of any BASIC-PLUS source program. The output consists of a table of all of the lines in the program which are referenced by a GOTO, GOSUB, RESUME, etc. at some line in the program. The referencing lines are printed next to the lines that they reference. In addition, lines which are referenced but do not exist in the program can optionally be indicated on the printout. XREF will handle any proper BASIC-PLUS program, including multiple line statements and statements including ERL=, ERL>, etc.

Media Price Codes: D1, G5, H30, M50.

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